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My Speech For the Arklatex!


First Informal Meeting: June 4th, Saturday!!

I’m scheduling a very informal “meet and greet meeting” :
Saturday, June 4th @ 5:PM.
Subies Deli
4833 Texas Blvd
Texarkana, TX.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Texarkana, here are the Directions:

From I-30, take the State Line Ave exit. Go south (towards town) on State Line Ave. Stay on State Line until you reach the intersection of AR and TX Blvd. (This won’t be very far) Turn right onto TX Blvd. Go approximately 1- 2 blocks. Subies Deli is located on the right. This is a small establishment, very quiet and comfortable. I informed then that there will be a group coming for an informal meeting and they will happy to accommodate. .You are under no obligation to purchase a meal, but you may want a beverage while there.

Remember, this is very casual, we just want to get to know each other. It’s very important to know that you have moral support right now. That’s why it’s important that we come together and hold each other up. We are facing, or have already faced, a devastating illness. Let’s link arms and join the fight for good health, proper treatment, encouragement, and resources.

I hope to see you guys there. You can email me if you have a question. I’ll try to get around to calling ALL of you as soon as possible.

Back from Washinton DC! Lyme rally was awesome!!

Guys, I got back from the Lyme disease rally and I’m pumped up. There were people there from all over: Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida…..and of course, Arkansas! I’ll post the pictures and videos as soon as I can download them all. I just got my computer out of the hospital and it got a clean bill of health, so I’ll work on posting the rally information ASAP.

Note: I want to have a our first informal meetup the first weekend after Memorial Day….that would be June either June 6, 7, or 8th. I’ll let you know as soon as I arrange a meeting place, but it will be in a public location in Texarkana for sure. Later friends!

Update on airing of Heart to Heart

I’m announcing the listings of when the talk show will air this week.

Heart To Heart talk show is on channel 10, if you have Cable, in the Arklatex.

Listings are as follows: May 6 @ 9:pm, May 7 @ 8:pm, May 8 @ 9:pm, May 9 @ 12:am, 5:am, 12:pm, & 9:pm.

It will possibly air more times than this, but this is the information I have presently.

Greetings Lyme friends!

Arklatexlyme support group is getting closer to setting a place and time to meet. We plan to have a kick-off rally in June with everyone coming together to meet in Texarkana. In the meantime, I’ve connected with another comrade. We taped a televised interview today with KLFI TV35 in Texarkana on the talk show ‘Heart to Heart’. It will air Friday, May 7 at 9:pm, then will be shown several more times.

Look for the Health Beat insert in the Texarkana Gazette soon. I gave an interview explaining my story and they plan on putting it in the next issue. Every story we tell, each bit of information we put out there will further our cause and help us to connect to others who are fighting this dreaded disease. Remember, the purpose of Arklatexlyme is to offer resources, support, and information.

If you have a friend who wishes to join us, just send them a link to the website or email us here. I know there are others in the area who were meeting before I came onto the scene. I’d very much like to hear from you guys and add you to the list.

I’m headed to Washington D.C. for Mayday Lyme support rally on May 21st. Wish me luck, as I’m going solo and plan to brave the Metro alone. I have my Lyme green attire ready and plan to document the event. Hopefully I’ll hook up with you guys when I get back.

Email me with any ideas or suggestions on where we can meet.

God bless you all and here’s to getting your health back, maintaining it, and revealing the hushed truth about Lyme disease to our community!