Dedicated to raising awareness of ALL tick borne diseases, offering support, and providing referrals for information, research, and healthcare choices.

I’m scheduling a very informal “meet and greet meeting” :
Saturday, June 4th @ 5:PM.
Subies Deli
4833 Texas Blvd
Texarkana, TX.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Texarkana, here are the Directions:

From I-30, take the State Line Ave exit. Go south (towards town) on State Line Ave. Stay on State Line until you reach the intersection of AR and TX Blvd. (This won’t be very far) Turn right onto TX Blvd. Go approximately 1- 2 blocks. Subies Deli is located on the right. This is a small establishment, very quiet and comfortable. I informed then that there will be a group coming for an informal meeting and they will happy to accommodate. .You are under no obligation to purchase a meal, but you may want a beverage while there.

Remember, this is very casual, we just want to get to know each other. It’s very important to know that you have moral support right now. That’s why it’s important that we come together and hold each other up. We are facing, or have already faced, a devastating illness. Let’s link arms and join the fight for good health, proper treatment, encouragement, and resources.

I hope to see you guys there. You can email me if you have a question. I’ll try to get around to calling ALL of you as soon as possible.

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