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I’m announcing the listings of when the talk show will air this week.

Heart To Heart talk show is on channel 10, if you have Cable, in the Arklatex.

Listings are as follows: May 6 @ 9:pm, May 7 @ 8:pm, May 8 @ 9:pm, May 9 @ 12:am, 5:am, 12:pm, & 9:pm.

It will possibly air more times than this, but this is the information I have presently.

Comments on: "Update on airing of Heart to Heart" (2)

  1. Doyle Holmes said:

    Hello my name Doyle Holmes, I am a retired paramedic in the arklatex. I was diagnosed in the mid 90s . I have had a very hard time ever since. I was also the Texas state armwrestling champion, and number 4 in the world just before my illness. I had to give up everything. Even with treatments the illness never leaves you, but I have found if I take antibiotics daily the symptoms get much better. The antibiotic I use is doxycycline, I take it every night before bed. I also take prednisone for the inflimation, and some sleeping mess to help me rest which I’ve found is very important

    • Welcome to the site, Doyle! Glad to hear your symptoms are more managable now. Please join us when we began regular meetings very soon! There’s a ton of information out there to help you feel better. I’m so glad you visited. Please feel free to email us personally here at arklatexlyme. We’re here to help and encourage any way possible. Thank you Doyle!

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