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Amidst the storm of controversy over Lyme disease, there remains the cold, hard facts: it’s not curable with merely 3-4 weeks of antibiotics.  These stories are proof.   Please view with an open mind.  I hope you’ll understand how important it is to document the treatment and symptoms.  

The cold, hard truth… this video with an open mind and heart.

Here is a very easy to understand explanation of how the Lyme bacteria works in our bodies and why it’s so hard to kill.

Below is another story of a battle with early disseminated Lyme: LD in the early stages.

Dr. Joe Jemsek Speaks the Truth concerning Lyme Disease and health care in this country.

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  1. annette, i remember watchingthis earlier; great job.

    feel free to use links from our mdj site on my LYME VIDEO COLLECTION; add yours to it post in SUPPORT.

    thank you :|)


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