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Guys, I got back from the Lyme disease rally and I’m pumped up. There were people there from all over: Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida…..and of course, Arkansas! I’ll post the pictures and videos as soon as I can download them all. I just got my computer out of the hospital and it got a clean bill of health, so I’ll work on posting the rally information ASAP.

Note: I want to have a our first informal meetup the first weekend after Memorial Day….that would be June either June 6, 7, or 8th. I’ll let you know as soon as I arrange a meeting place, but it will be in a public location in Texarkana for sure. Later friends!

Comments on: "Back from Washinton DC! Lyme rally was awesome!!" (2)

  1. I was diagnosed with Babesia after I had done 1 1/2 years of IV Doxy Rocephin. That was years ago and I have since quit the attnbioiics. But I still wonder if the IV did any good at all, because the Babs wasn’t being treated. I suppose it’s water under the bridge now. : ) I’ve tried a lot of different treatments. I was wondering if you have any information of Mesosilver and Mesoplatinum or Germslayer?Take care Thanks again for all you do,Sue

    • Salik, I’ve not heard of Mesoplatinum or Germslayer before. I can tell you that natural treatments have been totally under-rated. I think everyone should at least look into it. I almost forgot one of the most important health benefits for persons with tick borne diseases: Chiropractic treatment! Yes, it helps! Once the spine is in alignment, it opens the door for your body to begin throwing off those toxins. That’s when I started getting better, after chiropractic. You may want to try it.

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