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DISCLAIMER: contains information about the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of Lyme disease. This site also provides links to resources, support, and information on the Internet. The general information within this site is for informational purposes.  Remember, only an experienced physician can diagnose and treat Lyme disease.  Be aware.

Lyme Disease is alive and well in the Arklatex!

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  1. Unfortunately those of us in La. are facing many of the same problems . Being diagnosed and finding someone who knows how to treat the disease and not brush off the symptoms as “all in your head”.
    It took about 7 yrs to have my daughter diagnosed.
    Don’t remember how many specialist – and at Tulane and Oshners missed it. 15 yrs later major neurological and hormone problems. And of course
    How to pay for treatment. Insurance companies have a problem with it being a REAL disease. So most. Cost is out of pocket. Thus treatment is not what it should be. It’s a shame how patients with Lyme are being neglected.
    In reference to transmission, when my daughter asked to test her children she was told no. Her pcp said there was no Lyme in La even if her test had come back positive. Her response was “I am from Conn. and I know there is no Lyme in La”.

  2. There is a Lyme petition at the following address:

    The petition will only be up until 2/10/13, and we need 25,000 signatures for the White House to review and respond.

    This is the best chance for raising Lyme awareness I have seen, so please spread the word!

  3. Susan Hancock said:

    Great website! I got bitten in 1997 in SW Arkansas near Albert Pike. I have run into 4 others who got it there plus one other died in her sleep. She had all of the symptoms but never got tested at igenex. She was 50. Such a shame. I have several Lyme buddies on fb who are positive in south Louisiana. So it IS here!!!! I sent an email to you to see if there were any support groups in the arklatex. If anyone knows of or wants to start one please shoot me an email at
    Sincerely hope everyone is getting treated and getting better! Susan H.

    • It’s a shame they deny the disease exists in AR. Susan, thanks for commenting and, yes, we want to create a support group. There was one in this area but due to lack of participation, we decided to make it a cyber group. I will get in contact with you to discuss it.

  4. Does anyone know of a Lyme Literate Doctor in Arkansas or Tenn.?

  5. Looking for information on MTHFR for my daughter who is also battling Lyme disease?

  6. Eric Sumner said:

    I have just tested positive for rocky Mountain spotted fever for the third time in 4 years. Last year I didn’t test positive but my joints got swollen and I couldn’t walk for a few weeks. I went to an infectious disease Dr at UAMS he found nothing so I went to a rhrhumatologist in Shreveport and he could figure out what was wrong. I tried to tell them it had something to due with rmsf but why would a Dr listen to a patient. I was wanting to know if there is a tick disease specialist out there somewhere that knows of a treatment besides just doxycylcene because I haven’t been right in 4 years and most Dr’s don’t seem to be knowledgeable on tick diseases. I am a little anemic and have very low vitamin d which is odd because I am a 31 year old male that works outside.

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