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Washington, DC – WEBWIRE – Monday, November 03, 2014

The Mayday Project welcomes the fact that Dr. Paul Auwaeter, a key author of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines for Lyme disease, responded in detail to our concerns about the guidelines in a Medscape article about Mayday’s outreach to IDSA members at the IDWeek medical conference in October 2014.

Dr. Auwaeter’s statement that there can be “productive collaboration among advocacy groups” was especially encouraging.

Mayday also appreciates the open-mindedness of the doctors and researchers who spoke with us at IDWeek, and those who read our open letter to IDSA members. We gained valuable insight into the complications of battling emerging diseases, such as Lyme, and a better understanding about the dangers related to overuse of antibiotics.

However, we take issue with Auwaeter’s statement that “the recommendations in IDSA’s guidelines are safe, effective…”

Read the article in it’s entirety  here:   Webwire Article

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