Dedicated to raising awareness of ALL tick borne diseases, offering support, and providing referrals for information, research, and healthcare choices.

Re-posted with permission of the Mayday group.

mayday project big announcement

As promised here is the big announcement we’ve been waiting to release: We will be meeting with the IDSA President in March to discuss current guidelines.

We have presented them with evidence found in peer-reviewed articles written by the original IDSA Lyme guidelines authors containing evidence that a persistent/chronic infection exists. We are fighting with science and we’ve made some headway, we believe this could help have the restrictive IDSA guidelines reviewed.

We have adjusted the schedule to focus our energy on the IDSA. We have their attention and we need to keep it that way. The dates are still the same, the hotel is still the same, but the candlelight vigil is now occurring at the IDSA instead of at Capitol Hill.

Now we need you to show up to help us let him know just how many of us there are that are suffering! If you can’t make it, please send someone in your place. Join us as this will truly be a monumental year!

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