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No Lyme in Arkansas?……Think again!

No Lyme in Arkansas?......Think again!

We are sharing a photo taken today of an 11 year old male with a definite bulls eye rash. The family lives in Southwest Arkansas.

Now, how can a state health department deny the existence of something as plain as this? They can say, “That’s not a bulls eye..”

The child was bitten by a tick and developed this ring at the site of the tick bite. I challenge anyone to take this posting and send it to the Arkansas State Health Department and ask them “Is there Lyme in Arkansas?”

They will vehemently deny it.


Arklatex Lyme Disease Prevention and Support reaches out to community.

Arklatex Lyme Disease Prevention and Support reaches out to community.uni

We participated in the Communitywide Health Fair on Saturday, April 21 at the Church of the Living God Temple 4 in Texarkana, AR. Many organizations were there and we were able to share information about the dangers of Lyme and co-infections. It was a great networking opportunity and many contacts were made. Thanks to this awesome church for allowing us to participate!