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No Lyme in Arkansas?......Think again!

We are sharing a photo taken today of an 11 year old male with a definite bulls eye rash. The family lives in Southwest Arkansas.

Now, how can a state health department deny the existence of something as plain as this? They can say, “That’s not a bulls eye..”

The child was bitten by a tick and developed this ring at the site of the tick bite. I challenge anyone to take this posting and send it to the Arkansas State Health Department and ask them “Is there Lyme in Arkansas?”

They will vehemently deny it.

Comments on: "No Lyme in Arkansas?……Think again!" (2)

  1. Linda Sharp said:

    My husband was bitten, got a bullseye just like the one shown, went to VA (he is a vet) and the Dr. denied it was a bullseye from a tick bite. They did give him 10 days of doxy, however!

    Take care of your body; it’s the vehicle for your soul.

  2. gloria starita said:

    Beat It DEET free insect repellent from safely repels TICKS and all biting, sucking insects.

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