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Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest
Over twenty countries and several states all to protest on
May 10th & 11th, 2013

* Lyme patients from all over the world feel they are being
ignored and even being denied treatment for tick borne
illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Babesia, and Bartonella.

* Demands are being made for accurate testing, proper
treatments, and admittance that Chronic Lyme Disease is
real, serious and potentially fatal.

* Patients want to know why the IDSA is being used by the
CDC for their guidelines in the treatment of Lyme Disease
even after Attorney General Blumenthal’s investigation found
them biased and the guidelines flawed.

* Lyme patients are asking that the healthcare community
need be better educated in order to effectively diagnose and
treat patients with Chronic Lyme Disease.

* Lyme patients are stating that independent funding for
medical research into Lyme Disease testing and treatment are

* Several states and over twenty countries will be
protesting including: Germany, Austria, Canada, UK,
Switzerland, France, US, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Australia,
Iceland, Finland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, South
Africa, Spain, Romania and the Faroe Islands.

More info here:
Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest

If you would like to be involved in the protest for your
state (U.S.A.) please visit:

A Reminder of What We Stand For………

From Washington DC, May 21, 2011.      Watch our message of hope……

Meetup Rally, Saturday June 25th!

Meet us at Starbucks, 2507 Richmond Rd, Texarkana, TX at 10:30 AM. Saturday, June 25th.

We’ll be giving out free information as well as informing the general public about the dangers of Lyme Disease. There needs to be an emphasis on prevention and protecting our children. Wear Lyme green, bring a Lyme green sign. We are going to make a visual presence in this community. Contact me with any questions. Hope to see you guys there!