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Attention AR friends! All the statements about “there is no Lyme in AR” are totally false.  This assessment completed in 1995 by the Dept. of the Army shows, without a doubt, that ticks carrying Lyme are prevalent. So much, in fact, it was considered that persons in the Little Rock Air Force base region were at moderate to high risk of contracting it!

If it was bad in 1995, that would mean that it is much worse now, as the tick population as not decreased, nor have they packed their bags and left the state!   Friends, Arkansas State Health dept is claiming there is no Lyme in AR.   This is false.   You may read the report at this link:

Comments on: "Lyme Disease Risk Assessment for Little Rock Air Force base proves without a doubt that Lyme exists in the state of Arkansas!!" (3)

  1. I don’t know where you received this but if authentic, it appears to be good information. There should be reports from those persons involved which could corroborate, especially as to whether or not the recommendations made were followed (the annual testing, etc.) and reports made as suggested in the assessment. The D of H should also have the reports since at least 1995 since there were involved if the assessment is accurate. Maybe one of our local tv stations or newspapers would be interested in doing the required research. For me and mine, I just want a cure and for the needed reporting accuracy so that others, residents or visitors don’t have to get sick out of ignorance that this disease can be contracted in our state.

  2. It’s good back-up material. I goes to show you how the whole bunch of southern states have attempted to deny a disease…..

  3. I think the Army is a pretty good source, don’t you?

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