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Is There Lyme Disease in Arkansas?
The topic of whether Lyme Disease actually exists in the state of Arkansas is a matter that’s become controversial, especially in the past decade……..
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Comments on: "Lyme Disease: Hidden Epidemic of Arkansas" (2)

  1. Pepper Mcgehee said:

    I have been diagnoses with chronic Lyme and am on ceftriaxone, Zithromax, and flagyl, now for a month, I am Arkansan and was told by my physician that he has over 500 patients he is treating right now for this disease. He states that the CDC and UAMS deny it is here in our state and will not test or treat for it and he does feel that many of the auto immune diseases are causes by lyme. I am a nurse and it seems to me that early treatment and no turning a blind eye on a treatable disease is the proper thing to do ARKANSAS !!! Lets just test an treat people and people !!!

    • Yes, Pepper, the disease is denied in most southern states. It’s not just AR, the whole cluster of southern states has different reporting practices than the northeast. They simply don’t report Lyme cases or it’s nearly an act of congress to get a confirmed case counted through CDC. The question remains: WHY? I have a small collection of bullseye rash pictures from AR residents. Yet it’s not here. You could go to UAMS or AR Childrens with a positive test in hand and a bullseye rash, yet you would still be told ‘there is no rash here’. Sounds harsh and exaggerated, but it has happened. Only way to create awareness is to write hospitals, state officials, etc. in the state. That’s all we can do up against the bureaucracy.

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