Dedicated to raising awareness of ALL tick borne diseases, offering support, and providing referrals for information, research, and healthcare choices.

“Our voices will be heard!!”

The gang’s all here!   We came from many states:  New York, Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, (to name a few) and even Australia!  to join at our nation’s capitol to demand attention to the plight of those with Lyme disease.  The event was sponsored by Lyme Underworld founder and producer Timothy Grey, who produced the controversial DVD/documentary “Under The Eightball”.

We greeted each other with a warm embrace to shout loud and long about the current issues with Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.  We shared stories and information, as well as collected various resource information for treatment options.  The spirit was upbeat and positive.

Let’s expect a huge turnout next year.  If you’ve never been to one of these rallies, you’re missing out.  It’s stirring and motivating, to say the least.  So stay posted to find out when the next awareness rally will be held or plan one for your community.  It’s never too late to shout!

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