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The White House
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The Mayday Project is sponsoring a protest in front of The White House. We are calling on all Lyme Victims to join us and appeal to President Donald Trump to call for an immediate Congressional Hearing of the CDC in regards to their handling of Lyme Disease. For too long the CDC has given preferential treatment to the IDSA, following their antiquated, falsified guidelines for Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

RE Dr. Richard Horowitz Facebook post:

*According to a public post on Facebook by Dr. Horowitz, in response to the PressReader article here, he noted several inaccuracies he was unable to ignore.

As Dr. Horowitz stated in his post, “…..Although I do not usually report articles on the internet that have inaccurate information (there are many), here is a report from Pressreader about Lyme and co-infections in Arkansas that deserves a detailed response.”

In his posting, Dr. Horowitz pointed out five major inaccuracies in the article.  The following are direct quotes from Dr. Horowitz’ Facebook posting:

  1. “Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, and I suspect there is a lot more Lyme in Arkansas than reported. Only 25% (or less) of patients get EM rashes, and in one prior NIH double-blind study (Dr Brian Fallon), only 1% of patients with neurological Lyme had positive two tiered testing but were still ill, and many responded to treatment with antibiotics. “
  2. “Secondly, certain species of borrelia, like borrelia miyamotoi, can be transmitted transovarially (from the mother to the eggs), and in NYS, 10-20% of the ticks contain B. miyamotoi, causing a Lyme-like illness.”
  3. “Third inaccuracy: birds do transmit multiple species of borrelia and other co-infections (including Bartonella) to ticks, explaining in part the spread of these illnesses worldwide. There are many scientific articles proving this.”
  4. “Fourth, RMSF can be devoid of a rash in 40% of patients (and 60% of the time, it is on the hands and feet), and can be associated with low white cell counts (leucopenia), low platelet counts (thrombocytopenia), and elevated liver functions (transaminitis) which helps a clinician to make the diagnosis.”
  5. “Finally, STARI has been determined to be due to a borrelia sensu lato species (Dr Kerry Clark discovered that years ago) and there are individuals who have severe manifestations of STARI, including death from Lyme carditis. So you DO treat STARI, as you would treat Lyme, and do not assume it is necessarily a more benign form of borreliosis.”

Dr. Horowitz’ reputation and experience with tick borne illnesses appears to exceed basic knowledge.  He has been treating Lyme and tick borne diseases for 28 years.




As the moderator for the Arklatexlyme website, I must apologize for the lack of attention given to the site the past two years.  Personal issues and career have interfered with the management of the site.  I have been unable to respond to many messages in the last two years.

Because of this, I will be doing my best to provide links, on the site, to resources you need. We are unable to respond to every email inquiry. Most inquiries are from individuals from Arkansas who are looking for a doctor.   Please sign up for the Lyme Doctor Referral on the LDA site.  I’m posting the link here..

Please go to the ‘Helpful Links’ section on this site and you will find most of the referrals needed to obtain the information you need.  I am unable to personally respond to everyone’s questions.  It’s overwhelming.

Again, I apologize for my lack of response.  Please know that I care a great deal about this cause and the problems you face. I, too, face the same issues as you.

Thank you and wishing you well in your journey to recovery.

Arklatexlyme Moderator.



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“High alert for all Arkansas residents! You will be horrified and appalled to find that the Arkansas Department of Health denies that our state has Lyme disease, even though we are the number one state for tick-borne diseases”.

*This article covers the scandalous truth about the Arkansas Department of Health and their reporting practices.  If you ever had any doubts about the system, this article offers proof and explanation for the findings.  Please read this article and comment, share, and educate yourself.  We, at Arklatex Lyme, urge you leave comments on this page as well.


ADH covers up Lyme Disease in Arkansas!

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Scientists from a half dozen state agencies and institutions have banded together to target the tick population, not for termination, but for a count, a dissection at most. They are trying to determine if there is a species of Borrelia that are known to cause disease in humans and believe an unknown Borrelia bacteria might be incubating in Arkansas ticks. They are looking for novel Borrelia characteristics.

Since the Arkansas Department of Health refuses to admit the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease (Borellia burgdorferi) is present in Arkansas ticks, the study should allow researchers a way to determine exactly what type of Borellia is present in ticks in Arkansas.

If the CDC (Center for Disease Control) would come up with an accurate test for identifying ALL strains of Borellia, it would smooth the ripples in the water created by the inaccuracy of the current testing.

Read the article in it’s entirety here:

Arkansas Ticks Make Us Sick

Below, University of Arkansas entomologist Ashley P.G. Dowling and his tick “net,”a simple white flannel cloth ticks catch on.

GREETINGS TO ALL! We have been to the protest in Atlanta, GA. I’m slow getting back to everyone. I get tons of requests and emails daily about denial of Lyme/Borrelia in the state of Arkansas. Please know that each person is important and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please become proactive and do the research it takes to fully understand the complexity of the disease and it’s co-infections. It has been a nightmare to many who have had symptoms, positive tests, rashes, and everything else to be told by the leading medical care providers in the state that “AR has no Lyme”.. This is preposterous!!!!!


GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING, STAY ON TOP OF YOUR HEALTH. YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE. If it sounds like “fishy” information from a healthcare provider or if their denial appears odd, IT IS!!!!!! Follow your instinct, intuition, and do research. I Please please please don’t sit back and wait. Help is there and the longer you wait, the more the infections will take over.


On January 26 – 27, Lyme patients and their friends, families, medical providers, advocates, and supporters from coast to coast will be placing phone calls, posting Facebook posts, and Tweeting messages to their Congressional representatives. The messages, which we’ll send to you in the next few days, call upon the government for a redress of grievances, a right afforded to all of us by the First Amendment.

You are not imposing or inconveniencing your representatives. It’s part of their job to serve their constituents, which include all U.S. citizens in their state or district. It is also our duty, as concerned citizens, to speak out together and call on Congress for help.

Our call for action will be based upon the failures of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the handling of public policy pertaining to Lyme disease, including, but not limited to: their preferential treatment of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, a private professional organization; their failure to provide medical providers and patients with ALL the available information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment by only endorsing the IDSA Guidelines; extensive under-reporting of the disease and misrepresenting the status of the disease; permitting a matrix of conflicts of interest and inappropriate conduct to exist in this government agency, among other concerns.

If you are on Facebook, you can track the progress of this national operation at this page:

You might think that your one voice doesn’t matter — but you’d be wrong! EVERY voice helps to increase the volume. We desperately need to be heard, and we need your voice — and the voices of your friends and family on Jan. 26-27 when we launch this national initiative.

Arkansas Lyme page on Facebook was contacted by a reporter with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette looking for sources: people who believe they contracted Lyme Disease in Arkansas, even though the State Health Dept. says they don’t have Lyme. This is very important. Now is the time to share your story of “Arkansas denial” with a media source. Please follow up with this reporter!

His contact information is………… Please pass it along to anyone who would be a good source.

This is a non-profit race dedicated to create awareness about Lyme disease and raise funds for the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Education Foundation (, a non-profit organization educating and training leaders about the disease.

This is a race dedicated to Alisa Garland Hipp and all the Lymies of Northwest Arkansas and beyond. All proceeds will go towards ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) who help train leaders to treat for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, contact

For more information about the race, please visit:


Join the Mayday Project this year.  Promote hope for all who suffer from Lyme disease.